How do we nurture our students to be socially-conscious global citizens? Skillseed’s exposure programs give participants an in-depth look at the theme they are exploring through different perspectives and discussions or dialogues with experts, hands-on activities and reflections. Our exposure programs are customised to cater to different needs and academic levels of participants.

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Project-Based Exposure Programs

All exposure programs can be adapted to include a social project based on the selected theme of choice. Projects will complement the learning objectives of the course while challenging students to approach a topic through a multi-faceted approach and relating these issues back home.


Urban Sustainability, Singapore

Participants work on creating a prototype for an urban intervention that they have designed based on an unmet need in their community. The project aims to allow participants to be inspired by their experiences and interactions throughout the course and be able to translate and adapt these ideas to the context of their communities back home. Implementing these urban interventions in their community, participants were challenged to reflect upon its effectiveness in terms of paving the way towards urban sustainability.

London CxA 2017 -8786.jpg

Creatives X Alternatives, London

Using their chosen art medium of choice, participants work in teams to express their thoughts and reflections towards a chosen social issue - media and censorship, preservation of traditional crafts and art forms, and creativity of art & expression. The project aims to allow students to explore new art forms while at the same time being able to express themselves freely on the issues they have explored during the duration of the course.