cultivating resilience, adaptability, and wisdom in the face of uncertainty.

Our courses take students beyond their comfort zones, challenging them to appreciate and grapple with the diversity and complexity the world has to offer, via the 6-stage Skillseed framework.

Designed to seamlessly complement academic curriculums of secondary, pre-tertiary, and tertiary institutions, our courses seamlessly weave experiential learning and service to meet the objectives of Service-Learning, Values in Action, Global Immersion, Career Readiness, IB programs, and more.

I feel more compelled to volunteer now, after seeing how passionate some of the people in San Francisco were about their social missions. Before, I just felt like...there’s no point trying to make a positive impact because it won’t work. But now my perspective has changed, I feel motivated to make a difference in the world in my own way.
— Leong Shuen-Yi Shannen, Methodist Girls' School, participant in Social Entrepreneurship 2016

our offerings - tiered & bundled for your needs

Whether you're looking to dip your toes, upskill your students, or delve deep to address needs in a community, stay local or travel the world - our offerings are designed in tiers to build capacity before facilitated opportunities for service. Introducing our suite of offerings:

EXPOSURE: Introductory courses to the issues beyond the classroom.

SKILLS-BASED SERVICE: Intensive, immersive, project-based learning with social impact

Workshops equipping participants with tools for making an impact.

bundles & Benefits

Build your students' capacity to do more, and do good better by bundling an Exposure or Deep Dive journey with our Equipping workshops for a special discounted package price. Most Exposure courses can be adapted and structured as Deep Dives and vice versa. Contact us to find out more.

why choose a skillseed course?


We take care of all the details - so you can focus on what you're good at! As facilitators and fellow educators, we'll work with you to guide learning, craft and curate educational content and handouts, facilitate reflections, and engage with students holistically. We'll tap on our networks and community partnerships to make YOUR course excel. Your students will be in good hands, well taken care of by our first-aid trained, MOE-registered facilitators ready to go the extra mile.


In our classrooms without walls, students learn about the world and themselves. Challenged to look beyond academic achievements and the saviour complex that often besets the privileged, participants are trained by experts with field experience and build resilience, team-work and inter-disciplinary competencies to thrive in demanding world that requires millennials to "leap tall buildings in a single bound"


We're a social enterprise that elects for ethical options in our supply chain wherever possible - supporting important causes with each programme while providing platforms for participants to learn about and be inspired by how business can do good. Leveraging our network of social enterprises, responsible businesses, and NGOs, partner with us to make an impact on your students and on the world that you'll be proud to share.

Skillseed's facilitators are  first-aid certified  and are registered with the Ministry of Education as approved course instructors.

Skillseed's facilitators are first-aid certified and are registered with the Ministry of Education as approved course instructors.


Facilitators and teacher chaperones have operating 24/7 mobile phone lines in the host country during each course.


Additional information on our safety protocol is provided before each trip via a guidebook.


I really feel like this course is a great model for how trips and experiences like this can be successful in creating a memorable learning experience.

Being here gave me even more hope that students and future generations can make positive impacts on the world.

Thanks for everything! I personally really enjoyed this experience and thought it was a great chance for students to learn first hand about the importance of environmentalism. I look forward for future groups of students to take part in this amazing opportunity.
— - Alex Sicurella, Affiliated High School of Peking University