an experience like no other.

Students are put through a rigorous journey based on the 6-stage Skillseed framework ?*  - connecting real world entrepreneurial concepts and their application for social impact. Our alumni join a community of self-starting youth embodying resilience, empathetical awareness, and an innovative approach to solving the problems of the future. 


what do participants stand to gain from a skillseed experience?

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knowledge of REAL WORLD cONCEPTs

? Asset-based Community Development (ABCD)
An applied methodology for development, sustained and anchored by communities diverse assets.

? Design Thinking (DT)
A human-centric approach to crafting solutions addressing identified needs 

? Lean Start-up Methodology
A process combining business-hypothesis-driven experimentation, iterative prototypes, feedback and refinement. The Skillseed Challenge entails students developing prototype solutions in the form of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and refine them with the input of host communities and other stakeholders.



REAL WORLD SKILLS to thrive in a vuca* world

? Empathy

The ability to put yourself in another's shoes enables students to develop relationships and team cultures, strengthens community, and prepares them to be better leaders. [1]

? Entrepreneurial Dare

The courage to venture beyond comfort zones by trying new things and new ways of doing things, and accepting failure as a step towards success and a necessary aspect of learning. [2]

? Problem-Hacking Mindset

Flexible behaviours and actions empowering individuals with creativity, clarity, and conviction in the face of challenges and adversity. [3]

*VUCA: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous


a network of international change-makers

? Live your dreams, leave a legacy
Gain exposure and sample aspirations beyond the classroom - leverage and learn about passions to make an impact.

? Hands-on experience on the ground
Learn from and connect with everyday heroes around the world while working together to co-construct deep, measurable outcomes.

? Access to a community of change-makers
Flourish with the support of a network of like-minded peers and exclusive opportunities from our social impact partners 



our FRAMEWORK for catalysing change 

The 6-stage Skillseed Framework ?

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1. community-centric needs assessment

? Via ABCD, Skillseed works with partners on the ground to map the assets and analyse our host community's needs, subsequently synergising these findings with our educational partner's learning objectives



? Connecting students' passions with the purpose of their project in their host country
? Hands-on training and upskilling with the help of experts and/or practitioners



?  Outcome-based course evaluation
?  Holistic impact assessment via feedback from community partners and related stakeholders



Explore and experience the following through borderless learning:

? International Exposure, Cultural Immersion, Responsible Tourism
? Active Global Citizenry
? The Lean Start Up Method - with a social impact angle
? Working in a team on project-based learning
? Applied principles of Design Thinking


5. mentorship & nurturing growth

? Participants are connected to social impact organisations with opportunities for them to contribute their skills and passions 


6. outstanding future leaders with ability, grit & heart to catalyze real change in their communities, and beyond


our alumni inspire us. 

"Skillseed has helped me realize what my strengths are and how I can use them for causes I'm passionate about. Most importantly, constantly being surrounded by inspiring individuals and organisations reminds me not to settle for anything lesser than what I'm capable of."


co-founder of Vaangae Anna

Course Architect and Safety Officer, Skillseed

After graduating with a degree in Life Science from NUS, Hema made a bold pivot, inspired by her experiences leading overseas community service programmes in Sri Lanka. Driven by a passion to encourage school volunteers to do good better, she joined the team and recently launched social impact project Vaangae Anna, which was recently a recipient of A Good Space's A Good Pitch grant.

Participants in Tech & Entrepreneurship for Good (2017)

Following their experience in Silicon Valley, this passionate group of girls from Methodist Girls' School launched HorizonsSG, an accessible platform for teenagers to connect with and contribute to causes they are passionate about.

They were also short-listed as finalists in A Good Space's A Good Pitch grant competition and were the youngest participants (at 16 going on 17) to take part!


LIM WEI JIE, founder of Foreword Coffee

Participant in Film for Good (2014) & Skillseed Intern (2015)

Enterprising and meticulous with a heart for people with special needs, Wei Jie was inspired by coffee culture during his exchange in Amsterdam. After graduation he launched  Foreword Coffee, a social enterprise empowering coffee crafters by building relationships with coffee producers and creating equal opportunities for differently-abled persons.


MARCUS KOE, farm manager at Onhand Agrarian

 Skillseed Apprentice (2016) & Participant in Environmental Stewardship (2015)

No stranger to the path less-travelled, Marcus cycled overland from Singapore to Thailand in his freshman year at Yale-NUS, spent months on a farmstay in Japan, and worked as a farm manager at Onhand Agrarian. He is currently working at Edible Garden City as an urban farmer.