To develop and honour our volunteers' personal capacity to

actively give back to the social sector as skilled volunteers.

Here at Skillseed, we are grateful to have many talented students join our office as volunteers and summer interns. As members of the Skillseed team, they undergo specialised training before assuming the roles of course organisers and facilitators.


Our volunteers have been instrumental to the success of many of our programs, including:


From 2017 to 2018, Skillseed partnered SPD to launch ‘Youth Gives Back’, a year-long training and mentorship programme for youths with disabilities. Our volunteers from Yale-NUS College, Callysta, Dianne and Monica worked as facilitators, and assisted the Skillseed team as they taught the participants social innovation and project management skills. They also served as buddies to the participants, and encouraged them throughout their social innovation journey.



As the official programme organiser for raiSE’s SEYTP, Skillseed ran the orientation programme for the Young Talents. Our volunteers, Kei, Aleithia and Jamie led participants through a series of Empathy Exercises they developed together with the Skillseed team. These exercises encouraged participants to challenge their existing notions of privilege, and to develop a greater capacity for empathy for the various stakeholders that they would encounter during their internship.

My biggest personal takeaway from my involvement in the program is the importance of empathy - the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes. It is a skill that I have had the opportunity to practice in my interactions with fellow peers and larger facilitating team, whilst preparing for and facilitating sessions... It influences the types of activities that are run, the presentation style of learning material and content, and really allows us to put participants’ needs, capabilities and aspirations at the center of the program.”
— Callysta Thony, volunteer facilitator for Skillseed x SPD’s Youth Development Programme
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internships at skillseed

Our summer interns are exposed to a diverse range of portfolios and have the opportunity to involve themselves in the full range of Skillseed’s work, from project management and proposal writing to outreach and digital marketing.

For recent graduates and mid-career professionals, Skillseed offers our signature Gap Year Internship, designed to give you a one year runway to consider if the experiential learning and professional training niche within the social sector suits you.

I loved how my own work at Skillseed constantly stimulated me to think, research and experiment. As the resident “China Expert” on the team, the Skillseed Directors would share with me their development plans for China, inviting me to help them find solutions through research and implementation. This process pushed me to examine the different forms of Chinese education and to think deeply about how Skillseed’s mode of education and social impact could fit into this larger picture.
— Xiyao Fu, 2018 China Hands Intern
Probably what I’ve appreciated most since coming in is the sheer inter- and multidisciplinary nature of the work at Skillseed; there isn’t knowledge that isn’t interesting, isn’t necessary, isn’t important. Everything is connected.
— Liana Gurung, 2017-2018 Gap Year Intern

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